Diana Galvis
Diana Galvis
Lead Experience Designer

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Futures Design Lab

Futures Design Lab brought together thinkers and makers to address a topic that touches all of our lives: Disease. Using speculative and critical design methods, 6 groups proposed products, services, and scenarios that we might encounter by 2026.

It was a weekend event mixed with introduction to speculative design frameworks. Our team started with research on different "signals": current trends that indicate something could develop in the future. Each one of us chose an opportunity area we wanted to work on and proposed a concept. Mine was chosen to continue. We then decided on the details of the concept by creating a likely persona and a day in the life of this person to figure out how the product would be used and what story we would tell.
I led and moderated the team thru the design thinking process (ideation, product definition, storytelling and prototyping) and I was specifically in charge of the storyboard, visual narrative and product concept.

YOU is AI-based virtual reality simulation that helps you tackle your mental distress by helping you communicate with your subconscious.
YOU is the future of therapy. It explores a person's mind by allowing the user to relive his/her thought from a third-person perspective. Leveraging functional MRI and electrode reading, the device is able to create an image using brain data. It then deciphers the image by using a database of existing objects as well as the person's social media to look for people, locations, relationships, and any other clues.

Our concept was Judges & People's Choice Winner

Scientific field: Virtual Reality
SME: Dio Gonzalez
Team members: Diana Galvis, Eva Lai, Joy Liu, Mansi Parikh, Micah Tinklepaugh