Diana Galvis
Diana Galvis
Lead Experience Designer

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Twitter App

My interest in collective affect gave birth to "We all bleed the same way", an interactive system that invites people to acknowledge the suffering of other people around them and create a moment of empathy, a connection to other psyches (minds, souls).

The mechanism consists of a twitter application, an arduino, an electronic valve for liquids, a vessel full of water and a camcorder streaming live to a projector away from the system. By tweeting #webleedsf the audience activate the mechanism that drops red ink into water and this is projected in a large wall or screen.
The application made in processing reads the data coming from twitter and communicates with the arduino, which is in charge of controlling the aperture of the valve according to the data received.

Doing and learning
The technical challenges to develop this piece allowed me to learn arduino hardware and software. Before this work, I had not knowledge of it. Today I can code and create circuits of my own creation and understand other people’s code. 
When twitter's API changed I didn't have time to learn it myself. Developer Kristina Durivage assisted me with the connection to twitter and I developed the connection between twitter info coming and arduino.

Press: GevMag and SF Examiner