Diana Galvis
Diana Galvis
Lead Experience Designer

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National Park Service

Business Goal
GreenInfo Network wanted to propose a mobile app for hikers finding info on the go to their client the National Park Service. My job was to evaluate the situation and make recommendations before moving forward.
The National Park Service had previously engaged with GreenInfo to develop their website for the national historic trail of Juan Bautista de Anza, mexican colonizer. The mobile app would help users specifically interested in this trail.

User Need
Users were hikers with interest in chicano history. Most Anza territory has bad mobile coverage. To plan trips they need detailed trail info. For mobile use, they need directions and near by amenities. 
The problem is that the current website isn't responsive and has inaccurate map data. The info needed is hard to find and uses technical language. This happens because several institutions contribute to the map information. They give confusing data and terms through a "map collaborator" form.

It's not the ideal, but a compromise to what was possible to do with resources available. This includes managing people’s expectations of how accurate info can be by giving links to info missing and making the needed info visible. That required translating technical terms into common language.

GreenInfo used the interaction wireframes to develop the application. However, they used other means of funding.