Diana Galvis
Diana Galvis
Lead Experience Designer

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Adaptive Path's BarnRaise brings together design participants to solve problems for non-profits under the guided facilitation of design agencies. Prior to the event, I was team liaison between Adaptive Path, the design agency Cooper and the non-profit Juma. During the weekend event I was co-facilitator and lead.

Cooper performed the research. I assisted with communications and research synthesis. We discussed the opportunities and narrow it down to:
- How might we help departing Youth Development Coordinators (YDCs) pass on their knowledge as they transition out of their role for the benefit of new YDCs transitioning into their role?
During the event I co-facilitated thru empathy sessions and then participated by generating concepts, one which became the core concept to develop (scenarios).

A two part kit for YDCs. This kit would consist of two items- A deck of cards that would become a living database of solutions and resources, and a scenario based card game, to teach new staff in an engaging manner.

Juma used the digital templates made in the event to print their own cards. They actively use them to train new YDCs and prepare them for the situations they will face helping disadvantaged kids trying to get to college.